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Belarus, a forgotten regime.

There have been many different regimes and dictatorships in the news recently, for a variety of different reasons.  The Arab Spring has been one of the biggest international events in recent years as several regimes have fallen in the past 12 months and many others are under pressure.  It is not just the Arab world which has seen regimes, dictatorships and allegedly corrupt governments put under pressure.  Russia has seen protests and international pressure after the allegedly corrupt legislative election earlier this month and the government have also been accused of mistreating protestors and journalists.  Another regime which has seen a sizable uprising is the government in Belarus; however, it has not been in the media as much as other uprisings.

Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarussian president is now serving his fourth term after he won a presidential election in December 2010 by gaining nearly 80% of the votes.  The result prompted mass protests against the government as there were allegations of vote fraud.  The protestors met resistance from riot police and interior ministry troops; many fled from the protests but some who did not flee were beaten and hospitalised or unfairly arrested by the police. READ THE REST OF THE ENTRY


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