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Could it get more toxic for David Cameron?


Amid all of the drama of pies and right hooks, things may have got worse for the Prime Minister David Cameron. During her grilling in front of the Culture committee, Rebekah Brooks was asked who had been editing the News Of The World newspaper when she was away on holiday. She was reluctant to give the information away, eventually revealing that it would have “presumably” been her deputy. Perhaps the reason for her reluctance was the story they were quizzing her on was the Milly Dowler story, and the deputy “presumably” editing was Andy Coulson. Click here to keep reading

The Labour party and Murdoch – the end of a loveless marriage?


We didn’t need you then and we don’t need you now. That would appear to be the somewhat revised view the Labour Party hold of the Murdoch empire as senior Labour figures such as Alastair Campbell and Lord Prescott have sought to down-play in recent days the role that News International played in helping secure New Labour three successive election victories between 1997 and 2010. Click here to keep reading

(C)all the President’s Men?


There is a scene in the Oscar-winning movie All the President’s Men where Robert Redford’s Bob Woodward leaves a late night car park meeting with his now famous informer ‘Deep Throat’, and simply runs. Music builds to a crescendo and the reporter turns, dramatically, to find no-one is trailing him. Such was the climate of fear surrounding his investigation into the Watergate Scandal that his informant had warned him they may have been followed. Click here to keep reading

PMQs – David Cameron learns a lesson from ‘Robo’-band


Ed Miliband may still have some distance to go to convince anyone that he’s capable of delivering a Parliamentary majority, but it already looks as if he’s travelled a respectable distance from his previous Commons disasters.

The focus of this week’s PMQs was the News of the World ‘phone hacking’ scandal, and the result was a strangely subdued exchange between the two major party leaders – at least at first. How, after all, can you try and generate political capital from the hacking of a murder victim’s phone? Click here to keep reading


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