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PMQs – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word


Some might argue that Prime Minister’s Questions on 13 July 2011 were a textbook example of what PMQs should be: a raucous chamber, a contentious issue and two party leaders hissing at one another. The reality, though, was a rather more disappointing sequences of questions which – while certainly exciting the house and leaving Speaker John Bercow rather flustered – did little to illuminate any substantive policy differences. Click here to keep reading

(C)all the President’s Men?


There is a scene in the Oscar-winning movie All the President’s Men where Robert Redford’s Bob Woodward leaves a late night car park meeting with his now famous informer ‘Deep Throat’, and simply runs. Music builds to a crescendo and the reporter turns, dramatically, to find no-one is trailing him. Such was the climate of fear surrounding his investigation into the Watergate Scandal that his informant had warned him they may have been followed. Click here to keep reading


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