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The generals finally share the blame


On Monday, while most of the British media were caught up in the ongoing soap opera of ‘hackgate’, another British soldier was killed in Afghanistan. The death of Corporal Mark Palin of the 1st Battalion the Rifles has taken the number of deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 to 377 (he is the 39th soldier to have died while David Cameron has been Prime Minister). Two days before another soldier was killed while on patrol with reports suggesting he was shot by a man dressed in Afghan Army uniform. Click here to keep reading

Is David Cameron’s Exit Strategy in Afghanistan Destined for Failure?


Afghanistan has once again been the focus of international headlines this week. The country is showing signs of a security and political system deteriorating beyond its already weakened state. On Tuesday the Taliban attacked a hotel in Kabul in a daring night-time raid killing 12 people. Earlier, on the same day, the Kabul authorities issued an arrest warrant for the former Afghanistan Central Bank governor in what is developing into a deeply worrying corruption scandal. Around thirty people also died last weekend in a deadly car bomb attack on a hospital in Logar province. This deterioration raises serious questions about David Cameron’s decision to unconditionally withdraw all UK soldiers from Afghanistan by 2015.

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