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Chuka Umunna – Labour’s secret weapon?


‘Future Prime Minister’ may be a label that is too premature to be thrust upon the recently appointed Shadow Business Secretary, but at the age of only thirty-two Chuka Umunna has plenty of time to make a lasting impact upon Ed Miliband’s new-look Labour Party. Elected as MP for Streatham less than a year and a half ago, Umunna‘s has been a name present in the political world since around 2006, when he was a Labour Party commentator writing for publications such as the Financial Times and the New Statesman. His name has become synonymous with Ed Miliband’s Labour even more so in the last week as he became one of the ‘bright young things’ elevated into the higher echelons of the party, along with figures such as Rachel Reeves and Liz Kendall. His challenge now is to make his presence felt by those outside of the left-wing, as he endeavours to shape a practical business policy to challenge the coalition government.

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The lessons to be learnt from Blue Labour


Blue Labour is dead. A project that failed to ever take off outside the Westminster bubble was cut down this week after its creator-in-chief, Lord Maurice Glasman, courted controversy in recent days with a string of outrageous remarks about immigration. Click here to keep reading

Blue Labour, Red Tory, Big Society


‘Does my society look big in this?’ proffers one oh-so-witty t-shirt. Listen to phone-ins and a common retort to anyone supporting government cuts, or is that supposed to be ‘efficiencies’, revolves around how exactly they fit into the idea of the ‘Big Society’. Click here to keep reading


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