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The United Kingdom: For Richer, not for Poorer.

305 years ago, the Scottish Parliament passed an Act that sent waves of resentment throughout the country. Riots erupted on the streets of Edinburgh, indignant petitions flooded in from glen to glen, and a state of martial law was imposed.

With the bells at St. Giles Cathedral supposedly ringing out ‘Why Should I be so Sad on my Wedding Day’, the island of Great Britain put aside centuries of grievance and conflict, and declared itself united.

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Dreaming up a New Enemy

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen is escorted by Chinese Gen. Chen Bingde, Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army's General Staff
Adm. Mike Mullen is escorted by Chinese Gen. Chen Bingde.

With another Remembrance Sunday come and gone, there’s hardly a more appropriate time to be evaluating the global balance of power, and the prospects for peace.

As ever, there’s plenty to keep the diplomats up at night: North Korea’s belligerence; brutally typical wars on the African continent, the Middle Eastern powder-keg – now more volatile than ever as Iran postures and outraged populations rise up. Read the rest of this entry

African Lessons for the Arab Spring

Photograph: John Moore/Getty. From the Guardian.

This week, the renewed Egyptian unrest has presented a grim warning to the hopeful revolutionaries in Libya.

As the NATO-backed NTC moves to solidify control over Gaddafi’s last strongholds, it is manifestly clear that Gaddafi’s regime is done for. What is far from decided, however, is the course that the country will take once the bullets have stopped flying. Click here to keep reading


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